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Our company was set up to provide cleaning support to daily office cleaning companies, facilities management business, and end users alike.

We primarily provide specialist cleaning services for the maintenance and restoration of surfaces. This is split into four categories; Flooring, Upholstery, Ceilings & Viral Disinfection. These surfaces require specialist cleaning methods, machinery and chemicals of a nature not normally used on a daily basis. 

All our work is carried out out-of-hours providing minimal disruption. We are a paperless company working from tablet providing reporting in real-time with photographic evidence of job completion, for your peace of mind.


We maintain a vast range of flooring, from rugs and carpet tiles, to vinyl and marble flooring, all found within a number of differing commercial environments. We can offer a range of services from periodic cleaning and full restoration, to protective coatings and slip teasting. We can even aid in the supply and install of new floor coverings.


In a workplace or public environment, upholstery cleaning is of paramount importance. It is one of the few surfaces in contact with people constantly throughout the day. As such it is important to maintain a certain level of hygiene when it comes to seating etc. Our methods provide low trying times and we can also offer repellent coatings to keep them stain free.



Regularly overlooked, ceilings harbour a vast array of bacteria and allergens. We often think gravity pulls everything down; but airborne particles settle on ceilings just as much as floors. For this reason cleaning them is extremely important and our methods allow this to be done easily from floor level. This provides minimal disruption as well as a low safety risk.


If your property is open to the public, is known to have contained personnel that have had a minor sickness bug; or even someone diagnosed with a serious virus. You should look to immediately carry out a thorough disinfection in order to contain the virus and stop it spreading. We use electrostatic sprayers to efficiently disinfect without the need to touch a thing.

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