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Some scientists suggest we are on the verge of an outbreak of a pandemic disease known as Covid-19 (Cornavirus).

While there is no need to panic, there is need to implement measures to help prevent an outbreak. Our specialist disinfection systems and procedures can help prevent and contain and now is the time to be doing so.

Below is some information on the Coronavirus and what you can do to limit your chances of exposure. While the only sure way of prevention is to enlist a professional company who has experience in the field, there is still plenty that can be done to help.


Employers should encourage sick employees to stay home home. You should also advise against all but essential travel to any areas known to have outbreaks. Finally any employees that have been to these areas, should be made to self quarantine for a period of time before returning to work.


You should encourage employees, guests and customers to increase their self hygiene. You should do this by providing disposable wipes and hand sanitising lotion throughout your buildings.  


Look to increase your daily cleaning routines, make sure they are carried out more thoroughly. We recommend that frequencies of your programmed deep cleans to carpets, upholstery and ceilings are also increased.


A lot of our customers are now implementing regular disinfection programmes as a preventative measure. This is highly encouraged as any found case that leads to the temporary shut down of an office could come at a huge operational and financial loss to any business.

Spend hundreds now to save millions in the future!

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